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Gravity - Diana Goldberg
Diana Goldberg
Diana Goldberg
Diana Goldberg
Diana Goldberg
Diana Goldberg / hinoon / LVAN
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Blossom in the dark

The wait for the debut of one of Germany’s most promising rising artists’ — Diana Goldberg — is now available for every listeners’ ears: her first EP, ‘BLOSSOM IN THE DARK.’ Accompanying her first larger body of work is focus single of the same name. As a single, ‘BLOSSOM IN THE DARK’ is sonically minimalistic and soothing, aiming to provide a safe space for listeners...

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  • With her soulful electronic pop soundscapes, Berlin-based German singer and songwriter Diana Goldberg turns blue memories into golden tunes. Her first EP “BLOSSOM IN THE DARK” covers the cruelty of toxic relationships, cathartic rock bottoms and the sprouting of new

  • In the "Questionnaire" section, artists answer a total of 15 questions related to the topic of music. Additionally, they are given another task: to take a music-related photo or to draw or write something with a pencil. This time, it's

  • Diana Goldberg, from Munich, has been sitting at the piano since childhood and was already behind the microphone early on with her brother's band. Now she's making her own synth-heavy pop music, and her new song, "Same old Sorry," has

  • Personal and honest songs about non-ubiquitous topics – that's what singer-songwriter Diana Goldberg sings about. With her music, she addresses taboo subjects like mental health or workplace abuse.

  • In the beginning, there were ear piercings. At least that's what Diana Goldberg talks about when asked about her musical beginnings. The ear piercings, which the musician desperately wanted as a child, were allowed by her parents on one condition:

  • Music is also the freedom to dare something new. And that it's worth undergoing change is something Diana Goldberg, 25, can tell you a lot about. The musician released the single "Occupy Your Mind" last Friday, marking the first step

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Diana Goldberg is a German-Latvian singer-songwriter and artist based in Munich, Germany. Although both of her parents were engineers, from a young age, Goldberg lived a musical upbringing, beginning classical piano at age 5, going on to compete in her first competition just two years later. She played classical piano until the age of 18, however, to balance the pressure of these competitions, and of her parents’ high expectations of her, she ventured toward singing on stage...

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