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Music is her passion…

Music is her passion…

music is her passion interview with Diana Goldberg

With her soulful electronic pop soundscapes, Berlin-based German singer and songwriter Diana Goldberg turns blue memories into golden tunes. Her first EP “BLOSSOM IN THE DARK” covers the cruelty of toxic relationships, cathartic rock bottoms and the sprouting of new hope in dark places. We are proud to introduce you to our latest music is her passion ambassador, a truly inspiring artist full of depth and visionary ambition.

With her long wavy light brown hair, warm brown eyes and infectious smile, Diana Goldberg might look like a ray of sunshine – but when it comes to her art, she likes to turn to the dark side. Reduced synthesizers and heavy beats build the gloomy electronic background to her bright but melancholic singing voice. Her sounds blend the styles of Swedish electronic artist Annie, spooky 80s soundtracks and Ariana Grande at the peak of heartbreak. Her lyrics tell stories of heartbreak, struggle, isolation, resurrection and finding beauty in the broken. Since her first ever musical release in December 2020, Diana already conquered the stages of Hamburg’s Reeperbahn in 2021 and sang at the Dubai Expo in early 2022.

I want to be doing what I love every single day of my life – and this is what I aspire to encourage others to do as well.

Diana Goldberg – music is her passion Interview

Diana Goldberg knew she wanted to pursue a musical career as soon as she became a teenager. Nevertheless, not having grown up in a family of much artistic pursuit, she agreed to first complete a conventional master’s degree before fully focusing on turning her musical passion into her profession. Subsequently, she realized that there was only one path for her to wholeheartedly follow – that of her artistic expression through music. With her art, she now inspires others to follow their dreams, too, instead of choosing financial fortune over their deepest desires.

Albeit fitting perfectly into the definition of pop music, Diana Goldberg’s self-written melodies and heartfelt, unapologetic lyrics stand out amongst the noise. With a knack for memorable hooks and elevating the dramatic impact of a song with its final bridge, the artist quickly pulls listeners into her universe of trap beat torments and gloomy glory. Her goal is to forge “a dark, albeit coherent cosmos for anyone feeling misunderstood, hurt, lonely, or all of the above”. That – and pointing her finger and sharp-like-a-knife lyrics at injustices in society, like male privilege and sexism in the music industry. All of her music is birthed through the creative spark between her and her piano, then later forged into a complete song with the help of a diverse and international team of songwriters and co-producers.

In moments of injustice, I think you should be there, be kind and speak up. That would make the world a better place.

Diana Goldberg – music is her passion Interview

As she says herself, Diana Goldberg’s songs are often conceived through darkness, trauma and feelings of despair, but turned into triumphant anthems of victory and (attempted) self-acceptance. Coming out stronger, in the end, she invites listeners to embrace their respective dark sides, sit in the feeling with her and blossom together… even in the dark. But even beyond her musical ventures, Diana Goldberg strives to empower those around her. She believes that we are on the path to equality “when people never stop learning and having an open mind”. “The key to change is also to know that you are privileged – and use that to help others, not just stay in that situation and remain privileged”, Diana reflects in her interview with music is her passion co-founder and podcast host of Gleich & Gleicher, Mia Heresch. In fact, taking a bad thing, be it a memory, feeling or attribute, and turning it into a superpower seems to be in Diana’s DNA. Even when designing her own merchandise, Diana Goldberg turned gruesome to beautiful when she incorporated eerie jellyfish – an animal she herself used to fear – in a beautiful flowery design.

Diana turns struggles into strides forward, always sticking to her guns. She recalls moments of discouragement, for instance, when those close to her deemed her goal like performing at the Grammy Music Awards unrealistic and a waste of time to pursue. Her response? Work hard to prove them wrong. “I am a fighter, and I am very ambitious. I thought to myself: I will prove to everyone that it is possible for a German artist to be a winner and be recognized in the international music scene at the same time.” Since then, a will to prove doubtful minds wrong accompanies Diana Goldberg on her way to the top. And with her music, she inspires others to follow suit.

If you are in Berlin you can’t miss Diana Goldberg live on October 3rd. More information here.

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