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Questionnaire Interview

Questionnaire Interview

In the “Questionnaire” section, artists answer a total of 15 questions related to the topic of music. Additionally, they are given another task: to take a music-related photo or to draw or write something with a pencil. This time, it’s with Diana Goldberg.

First CD:

Off the Wall – Michael Jackson

First concert:

Mando Diao – I still wear the merchandise I bought at that concert to this day!!

Earliest childhood memory related to music:

My grandmother was a well-known singer and actress in the former Soviet Union. Music and theater were like breathing for her – there was never a moment when I didn’t hear her singing or humming. Nowadays, my friends and family catch me constantly humming and singing to myself. I don’t even notice it anymore – it happens subconsciously. Apparently, my grandmother has had such a strong influence on me and inspired me so much that I’ve taken it from her. She remains my first and most important inspiration to make music and express my creativity through it.

Current favorite song:

I listen to so many different songs, and it’s hard for me to pick just one favorite. Currently, I have “Bad Girl” by Daya on repeat.

Most embarrassing favorite song:

“Fairytale Gone Bad” by Sunrise Avenue – hey, this song unleashes powers in me when I’m cleaning at home!

Personal favorite song:


Favorite song lyric:

“stuck in a maze that I made, it’s amazing, all this pain that I crave I’m inhaling” (from “DRIPPING IN MY BLOOD”)

Best own concert:

My EP release concert in Berlin and the support shows for Alice Merton were my best own concerts. It was so amazing; my EP had only been out for a few days, and at the support show in Friedrichshafen, the entire front row sang along perfectly (!) to all the lyrics of my already released and especially new songs. It made me very emotional, in a good way. I can’t wait to play at Superbloom next and see what happens there!

Vinyl, CD, or mp3?

Mp3, although vinyl would be sexy if I had a record player!

Download or stream?


Club concert or festival?

It’s difficult, it depends on the mood. At festivals, I love that I can listen to or discover multiple artists at the same time. At club concerts, I like the intimate vibe. You get so close to the artist and get to know them up close, not just through the songs but also through the performance and show. When it comes to my own shows, I’m really into festivals right now – it’s so nice to be able to play in front of so many people and see the crowd singing along and vibing to my lyrics.

Three songs that must not be missing on my mixtape:
  1. “End of the Road” – Noga Erez
  2. “Something in the Way” – Jorja Smith
  3. “My My My! (Acoustic)” – Troye Sivan
An album I definitely wouldn’t take to a deserted island:

Anything Schlager. Absolutely not. Before concerts, we always send a tech and catering rider to the local organizer – a kind of information booklet so that the organizer can prepare for the band. As a joke, alongside our food preferences and allergies, we wrote that we wanted a booster pack of “Magic The Gathering” trading cards – even though none of us are into trading cards. We just wanted to see if anyone would actually read and respond to such specific requests. Long Story Short – at one of our concerts this year in Reutlingen, there were suddenly 5 booster packs of the card game ready for us backstage. We were completely overwhelmed and could hardly believe that Michael – who is still the only one(!) – actually got these packs for us. We not only had an amazing show but also a great memory of Michael’s hospitality and willingness to go all the way to fulfill all our wishes – shoutout to you and the Flamingo Artspace Crew!!

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