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Diana Goldberg – Same old Sorry

Pop newcomer Diana Goldberg from Munich releases her first single of the year, “Same old Sorry.”

Diana Goldberg, from Munich, has been sitting at the piano since childhood and was already behind the microphone early on with her brother’s band. Now she’s making her own synth-heavy pop music, and her new song, “Same old Sorry,” has just been released. This song serves as the starting point for her upcoming EP, “Blossom in the Dark,” which will be released on July 1, 2022, and tells the story of the painful end of a love relationship.

Diana Goldberg – Same old Sorry

With the song, Diana processed her own experience with her ex-partner’s infidelity and the subsequent self-doubt. Precisely because the song is so personal, the young artist took two years before she wanted to share it with the public. But, as the song says, she has now understood it all: “Now I’m all grown up/ Understand the game / But I promise to myself I’ll never do it that way.”

Diana’s electro-pop is versatile: While her single “Game Over” is dominated by a bassline, with bright synthesizers unfolding particularly at the end, her latest single “Parasite,” released in collaboration with Tokyo Project, starts with dark synths and is reminiscent of The Weeknd.

In contrast to “Parasite,” “Same old Sorry” has a more stripped-down sound, allowing the message to take even more center stage. You can experience how this comes across on stage, among other places, at c/o pop in Cologne.


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