Taboo topics in honest songs

Personal and honest songs about non-ubiquitous topics – that’s what singer-songwriter Diana Goldberg sings about. With her music, she addresses taboo subjects like mental health or workplace abuse.

Singer Diana Goldberg is an open and optimistic person. Nevertheless, she prefers to sing about the darker sides of people. With her songs, she tackles subjects that others would label as taboo.

“The fears and thoughts in one’s head lose power when you speak them out.”

Diana Goldberg in an interview with Sound of Munich

All of the musician’s songs are born at the piano. She improvises on the keys and searches for fitting melodies. In just a few minutes, a new song comes to life. Her music usually emerges from situations where she tries to understand her own perspective or that of another person.

Diana Goldberg doesn’t want to judge anyone and always aims to present the whole situation. After this initial step on the path to a new song, she meets her producer. Together, they develop the beat, produce it collaboratively, and finally, complete the song together.

The Personal Challenge as a Goal

The singer-songwriter aims to remain as open as possible with her music. She writes her songs with the goal of bringing herself joy. Her music inspires her to rethink things, and the songs are meant to help her become a more open person. At the same time, she processes her daily life through her music. The singer uses her music to challenge herself.

FYI – A Song About Sexual Harassment

In Diana Goldberg’s song FYI, the theme is workplace harassment. Before releasing the track, the singer was nervous because the song is personal and honest to her. For this reason, she initially didn’t want to share “FYI” with the world.

“Actually, this was a song that helped me a lot.”

Diana Goldberg in an interview with Sound of Munich

However, she did release the song because she wants to use her music to help others and make their lives easier.


The song that makes the musician proudest is BLACKBLUEYELLOW, which she released at the end of July. The song is about perfectionism, a topic that has preoccupied her for a long time. The singer herself struggles with her own high standards. With BLACKBLUEYELLOW, Diana Goldberg wanted to package her own feelings as honestly as possible.

“Better, better, better, best. You always have to become better and better than you already are; it’s never good enough as you are right now.”
Diana Goldberg in an interview with Sound of Munich

This leads to one’s own thoughts destroying themselves and eventually leaving bruises, according to Diana. Hence the name of the song: the colors represent bruises. Even though it wasn’t easy for the songwriter to write this song, she thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Her Pre-Performance Ritual

Diana Goldberg’s Crew consists of her closest friends, which creates a strong sense of camaraderie. Before the performance, they each have their moment of solitude, a moment of calm before the storm. They gather in a circle and cherish the fact that it’s about the team rather than the music and the songs. They look into each other’s eyes and feel the unity, knowing they can achieve anything together.

“Now it’s starting, and it’s all about us. It’s meant for us to have fun and the greatest time.”

Diana Goldberg in an interview with Sound of Munich

2021 was good, 2022 will be better

The year 2021 was full of surprises for the musician. She entered the year with no expectations and couldn’t imagine what lay ahead. Her songs made it into major playlists, such as the New Music Friday Playlist. Additionally, she performed at the Reeperbahn Festival and had the opportunity to perform in front of large audiences. Her next single won’t be released in January, as expected, but in February. This time, it will have a different sound than what we’re used to from her. Furthermore, we can look forward to her EP and merchandise. So, we are eager to see what the year 2022 has in store for the singer-songwriter.

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