Photo album: Diana Goldberg

They are now an integral part of Munich’s stages. But how did the musicians get their start? For the Young People’s Page, artists have delved into their photo albums. Today: Diana Goldberg.

In the beginning, there were ear piercings. At least that’s what Diana Goldberg talks about when asked about her musical beginnings. The ear piercings, which the musician desperately wanted as a child, were allowed by her parents on one condition: if she won a piano competition, she could get them. With the promise of that reward in mind, Diana practiced hard – and she won. Her journey with music continued, of course. Initially, it involved piano and classical pieces, but very soon, Diana ventured to the microphone. She began making music with her brother, then performed with different groups or as a solo artist. During her stays abroad, including in Leeds, she continued to work on her own lyrics and her voice. Since completing her Master’s degree in nutrition science, she has been focusing on music. In collaboration with producer Joseph Feinstein, whom she has known since her youth, she released the single “All Or Nothing” in February. Many more are set to follow. She’s no longer working towards ear piercings; instead, she participates in song competitions and was even among the finalists for the Band of the Year 2020 by the SZ Young People’s Page.

Max Fluder – Süddeutsche Zeitung

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