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25-year-old singer takes a completely different direction with her new single!

Music is also the freedom to dare something new. And that it’s worth undergoing change is something Diana Goldberg, 25, can tell you a lot about. The musician released the single “Occupy Your Mind” last Friday, marking the first step in a new direction, in collaboration with Berlin-based producer Joseph Feinstein. The song electrifies, captivates with its almost mysteriously intricate beat, and the voice that seems to hover over the tones. While listening, you often find yourself in the familiar and yet constantly surprised: new notes, a change in vocal tone, loud, soft, fast, slow. Only seconds in between.

The idea for the song goes back to an encounter that is a bit in the past, underlining what is important to Diana in songwriting: empathy. At a friend’s birthday, she meets a young woman with narcissistic traits, “who constantly wanted to be in the spotlight,” says Diana. Interacting with her proves to be complicated, and tears flow from the young woman. Diana tries to put herself in her shoes, to understand how the woman must feel and think, even to somehow protect her. These considerations gave rise to “Occupy Your Mind”; the title itself could be from the “perspective of a narcissist.”

However, before Diana starts writing lyrics, she often begins with harmonies. She thinks from the sound, from the instrument. Diana comes from a Russian-German family. She took piano lessons from a young age – with a certain amount of discipline and ambition. As she grew older, she created more and more freedom in music. First, she moved away from the scores, began experimenting and songwriting, transitioned from her brother’s band to singing, and meandered through the Munich music scene. “When I heard myself on the radio for the first time, a dream came true,” she says. Her sound gradually evolved.

About a year ago, Diana completed her Master’s in Health Studies, and since then, she has been focusing on music. The pandemic has only strengthened her commitment, giving her the opportunity to focus even more. After negative experiences with producers, she found a reliable partner in Joseph. She says, “We just have our sound.” The song “Occupy Your Mind” was nominated for the German Songwriting Awards in the Pop category. More singles are set to follow after this one. Diana says, “2021 is going to be an awesome year.”

Max Fluder – Süddeutsche Zeitung

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