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Diana Goldberg

With her music, German-Latvian singer-songwriter and musician Diana Goldberg has already cracked 9 million streams and played over 60 shows, including at the Expo in Dubai, Reeperbahn Festival and support for Alice Merton and JC Stewart. Starting as a classically trained pianist, she found her way into the pop music world in 2020. Known for her honest lyrics and catchy hooks, her music deals with mental health, sexism, toxic relationships with oneself and others, self-love and perfectionism. Thereby, Diana dares her listeners to be as bold and unapologetic as she is, urging them to let go of any expectations others might have of them, citing her own upbringing and inner desire to shy away from societal and cultural norms. Choosing instead, to move to the beat of her own drum, the result is one that exudes an alt-pop, neo-soul sound with experimentation, catchy melodies and unpredictability at the forefront.

The end goal? Creating a safe space for her community and for anyone feeling misunderstood, judged, hurt, lonely or all of the above. As a feminist and ambassador of the ‚Music is Her Passion society‘, Diana supports especially female and queer artists to follow their passion, navigating them in the music industry.

So far she garnered various radio support, a live performance on German TV and editorial placements on Spotify, Amazon Music, AppleMusic, among other major feats.

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