Official Music Video for the new single ‘occupy your mind’

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THANK YOU SO MUCH and a big shout-out to my amazing crew that made it all possible:

Producer & Co-writer: Joseph Feinstein (…)
Feel good Manager, Co-Writer, My Everything: Arthur Poliakow (…)
Master: Jannis Knüpfer (
Logo design: Daniela Gaulrapp (…)

Director: Dora Szelei (
Director of photography: Marcell Csillag (
Dancers: Emma Lőrincz (…,
Levente Lukács (…,
Attila Horváth (…)
Editor: Zsuzsanna Papp (
Line producer: Soma Kozák
1st AC: Ambrus Orosz
Electrical department: Benedek Balogh, Dávid Besenyi, Mátyás Szuromi, Mihály Teleki, Vivek Jain
Production designer: Fruzsina Radványi (…)
Set designer: Bori Zatykó (
Production design assistant: Csilla Viola Csiszér, Petra Élő
Hair & Makeup: Eszter Domokos
Stylist: Kata Eifert (
Designer clothes provided by Valentin Szarvas (…)

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