WHITE LIES music video officially out now 🙂

Stream on Spotify/Apple Music/ Deezer or any platform of your choice (it’s everywhere!!) – WHITE LIES:

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THANK YOU SO MUCH and a huge shout-out to my amazing crew that made it all possible:

Director & Concept: Laila Bierling & Diana Goldberg
Video & Cut: Laila Bierling
Color Grading: Messina Motion
Styling: Naama Poliker
Hair & Makeup: Ricarda Welz
Outfit: Pauline Gottschalk
Jewelry: So-Hee Woo
Set: Antiquitäten und Galerie Pressmar
Special thanks to: Sehvar Kücük & Johanna Pressmar

Lyrics: Ashley Ivor Parris & Diana Goldberg
Producer: Joseph Feinstein & Ada Binaj
Mix & Master: Christopher Fuß
Label: CloudKid

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