ALL OR NOTHING (Live Session)

Hey everyone, here’s the live session of my new single ‘all or nothing’ ⚡️
Wrote this song about someone who hurt me many years ago… being able to put my feelings into a song and share that with you guys, gives me the space to heal and grow. Thank you for listening!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been with someone who didn’t deserve you and what you did to get out of that situation. Let’s support each other by growing and healing together ✨

You can listen to my single here:
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► Soundcloud:

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► Insta: @dianagoldbergmusic
► Facebook: @dianagoldbergmusic

Big kudos and love to my amazing band without whom this live session wouldn’t even be possible:
Keys: Niklas Bühler
Drums: Paul Heinicke
Bass: Ada Binaj
Guitar: Charles Hacker

Film & Edit: Chris Scott Pham
Film: Janine Brömse
Sound: Manuel Wimmer
Lyrics & Music: Joseph Feinstein, Arthur Poliakow, Diana Goldberg

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