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Diana Goldberg’s latest track, ‘FOCUS…,’ showcases her versatility in pop music, combining catchy hooks with lyrics focused on mental health. It marks a shift from her previous song, ‘SAME OLD SORRY,’ which explored the downfall of a relationship due to infidelity. ‘FOCUS…’ represents an upward trajectory, featuring an empowering message and a prominent synth melody that symbolizes Goldberg’s inner voice and personal growth.

Diana explains that ‘FOCUS…’ is a direct response to her last single and reflects the strengthening of the relationship with oneself after a challenging romantic experience. It radiates healing energy, encouraging listeners to prioritize self-care and leave behind the burdens of the past. The song’s grandiose production mirrors the journey back to self-discovery.

Moving forward, Diana’s latest single, ‘FOCUS…,’ is part of her debut EP titled ‘BLOSSOM IN THE DARK,’ set to release in July. This empowering anti-pop anthem explores themes of self-love and reflection, inviting listeners on a journey into her psyche and emotions. The EP delves into the aftermath of a toxic relationship, addressing inner conflicts and psychological struggles.

Artist: Diana Goldberg
Release Date: April 08, 2022

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