1. Blackblueyellow


Diana Goldberg gets real on her latest release, ‘BLACKBLUEYELLOW,’ as she dives into a theme that she has personally struggled with when it comes to her creativity: perfectionism. Even still, with the difficulty in comparing herself to a self-proclaimed ‘perfect’ version in her own mind, Diana feels more comfortable than ever with sharing her sentiments, citing that it‘s where she reclaims the power when she talks openly about what holds her back the most.

“There’s always a lot of internal pressure that you have to be better and greater, and that limited a lot of my creativity. There’s a lot of metaphor to the song, from the colors representing the flashing cars to the colors that make up a bruise.”

»There’s always a lot of internal pressure that you have to be better and greater…«

The fiery, yet, melancholic song, added with a spoken word bit, is an introspective and vulnerable piece, where the artist uses her signature neo-soul vocals in unison with synth pop sounds and other 80s type beats. After an explosive start to 2021 with Diana’s previous single ‘WHITE LIES’ – receiving multiple editorial recognition including being featured on the cover of Fresh Finds GSA and placed in NMF Germany, NMF Switzerland and Equal GSA; as well as spins on EgoFm and PULS radio – this two chorus catch will no doubt allow listeners in and help them understand what’s inside her mind.

Artist: Diana Goldberg
Release Date: July 28, 2021

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