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Diana Goldberg/Hamburg, Germany – ALLHANDSONDECK Festival

Hamburg, Germany – ALLHANDSONDECK Festival


Time: December 14, 2021 07.00PM
Location: Barclays Arena, Hamburg
Organized By: Amazon Music
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About Tour

The award-winning and largest live stream donation festival 2021 for the benefit of concert employees and music artists at risk from Covid-19.



Revolverheld, Max Giesinger, Eko Fresh, Mario Novembre, Alicia Awa, Nessi, Joris, Chefket, Max Mutzke, Benzko, Noah Levi, Afrob, Antje Schomaker, Leony, Blackout Problems, OK Kid, Tom Gregory, Rola uvm.


The festival will be streamed live via: https://m.twitch.tv/amazonmusicde

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